I’m so happy you found your way to my corner of the Internet!  My name is Caitlyn, your partner for your healing journey.  I’m a certified Level 3 Reiki Master Teacher/Practitioner, Yoga Instructor, Essential Oil Wellness Advocate, and Colour Therapist.

In early 2016, I realized something was truly wrong in my life.  My neck, back, and jaw hurt constantly from grinding my teeth; I wasn’t sleeping well; my stomach was constantly a mess; and my emotions were all over the place, swinging from deep depression to anxiety attacks.  Western medicine wasn’t giving me the relief I was searching for.  So I began to complement my traditional medications with alternative healing.  Yoga, Reiki, and meditation finally started to lift the fog and give me my life back.

My mission is to make alternative healing accessible by:

  • providing high quality goods and services at affordable prices,
  • showcasing modalities and tools that I truly believe in,
  • answering all questions clearly and without judgement,
  • and continuing my personal education to share as much knowledge as possible.

Interested in hearing more about adding alternative healing to your life?  I’m located in Gainesville, FL and would love to set up a consultation with you (face-to-face, via phone, or video chat) to figure out how best I can assist you on your journey.  Please email me at energyhealingwithcaitlyn@gmail.com and we can discuss more.