Animal Books for Energy Workers

I’ve noticed that a lot of energy workers are drawn to animals. Working with animals, or receiving guidance through animal symbols, animals are there for us! Personally, I have learned and grown a lot as a Reiki practitioner through my work with animals. Animals have so much to teach us about not only the world, but ourselves. Animal symbolism comes up regularly with my human clients, and interpreting the animal wisdom of a specific animal can provide such valuable insights! Here are some of my favorite animal books for energy workers.

 Just a note – if you decide to make a purchase, I’ll receive a small commission from Amazon, but that has not influenced my recommendations.

For Animal Lovers

Meditation has so many benefits for your mind and body! Animals make everything better, so meditating with animals must be great, right? This 21 day challenge gives you animal wisdom and affirmations to work with as you meditate. I’m not really a challenge person; whenever I feel inspired, I open to a random page and work with that animal/affirmation.

For Reiki Practitioners

It’s true that Reiki can be used for all beings, but there’s a nuance to working with animals. With a pure intention, you cannot do harm with Reiki; however, there are techniques to get much more out of your healing experiences with animals. Kathleen Prasad is considered the Godmother of Animal Reiki. If you’re already on your Reiki journey, I encourage you to check out some of her books. Especially incorporating Prasad’s Animal Reiki Code of Ethics and Let Animals Lead method.

For Animal Symbol Interpreters

Have you been dreaming about ducks? Saw a dragonfly while meditating? Maybe you keep seeing rabbits while you’re out and about, or three different people have mentioned turtles to you this week? These animals are coming to you for a reason! This is my favorite book for interpreting animal symbolism. There’s such great detail! The descriptions are always spot on.

For Essential Oil Lovers

This book is my ultimate go-to when I’m making essential oil blends for animals. There is a lot of detail, and many conditions covered. It’s sorted by type of animal; in addition to dog and cat, there are also less common animals like ferrets and chickens! I haven’t seen volume 2 yet, but I’m sure it’s just as helpful as the original! (it looks like the first might be out of print now?)

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