Benefits of a Crystal Infrared Mat

If you’ve had an in-person reiki session with me, there’s a good chance you’ve experienced my crystal infrared mat.  You start to go to that relaxed, meditative, and healing place before my hands even reach your head.

For my fellow practitioners, I strongly recommend incorporating this into your healing sessions.

How do these mats work?  And what are the real benefits?

To start, the full sized mat that I use is filled with 12lbs of amethyst.  You’re getting all the healing benefits of this wonderful crystal, known for its soothing and energetically balancing properties.

On a more scientific note, amethyst actually emits negative ions when it’s warmed up.  All of our electronic devices emit positive ions, so it’s important to get ourselves balance with negative ions.  You can find negative ions in the forest, mountains, or the beach.   But so many of us live in cities and suburbs that we need to find alternative sources.  You can find more information about negative ions here.

Heated amethyst also emit far infrared rays that give you that deep, warming feeling.  This improves blood circulation, which can facilitate physical healing.  Plus, it feels really nice 🙂  To get more information about far infrared rays (or FIRs), click here.

Where can you get one?

If you’re an Amazon addict (like me haha), this is the mat I have and love.


But!  I was able to get a special discount for you if you order directly from the manufacturer.  How does 10% off + free shipping sound?  Just type in the code “ehc10s” at checkout!

Shop Now

As you go through all the mat sizes and styles available, you’ll see that they have smaller and more affordable mat styles than the one I use primarily.  (There are also bigger ones haha I dream about the one that fits on top of a queen sized mattress.)  Just placing your feet on top of a smaller mat will still give you the benefits – and you can use it for targeted areas of soreness on your back.


If you have any questions about the mats or why I love them, please send me an email at

Love and light,



P.S.  This article does include affiliate links, but all my opinions are 100% honest.  I really do love these mats.

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