DIY Sugar Scrub – Perfect for Gifting!

easy DIY sugar scrub








Handmade gifts are fun to make and give.  It’s a thoughtful way to show you care, and they can be inexpensive.  This DIY Sugar scrub covers all these bases! Blend oils together to make something unique.  Give a spa experience to a friend or loved one, or make one for yourself to enjoy some well-deserved relaxation.  


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  1. Get your clean jar or container.
  2. Add enough sugar for the jar to be mostly full, but with some room at the top.
  3. Select your essential oils (the video below shows lavender and wild orange, and rose)
  4. Place drops of essential oil into the sugar – I did about 10 for the size jar featured in the video.
  5. Shake the sugar and essential oil to mix together.
  6. Add fractionated coconut oil (or other liquid, skin-safe oil) until the jar is full around the sugar.
  7. Voila!  Label your essential oil sugar scrub and gift or use for yourself!

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Video Tutorial

Here is a video to walk you through just how easy this DIY Sugar Scrub is!


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