Living with Worry

There seems to be a surge in worry these days.  It has become a common talking point among my clients and friends.  I’ve also been finding myself worrying more recently.  It’s been talked about enough, and I felt it was time to make a post about it.

What purpose does worry have?  Fear is great for kicking your adrenaline into gear when you’re in a dangerous situation.  Fight or flight.  Being afraid of that bear is beneficial because it means you have a chance of getting away (disclaimer, I don’t actually know the right way to escape a bear, and as I write this, I’m thinking it might be to play dead…).  Either way, fear is meant to give us that boost to protect ourselves, and then dissipate when we are safe.

Worry lingers.  The worst part about worry, is it’s about potential events in the future.  These are things that may never happen, and we are twisting our stomachs and grinding our teeth about possibilities.  When these stress hormones linger within the body, they’re increasing inflammation and adding to a whole host of problems.

Although we can’t control that initial burst of panic, we can control how we respond.  Talking ourselves down, back from the ledge of extreme worry, is so helpful in regaining our calm.  Find a breathing exercise or sequence of yoga poses that you can do when you feel your mind overcome with “what ifs?”.  Remind yourself that what your worrying about is in the future.  By focusing on the now, we are cultivating mindfulness.

As you practice mindfulness, you may find it easier and easier to stay in the present moment.  If one of your worries is realized, you will approach it from a more calm and grounded place – making you better equipped to deal with whatever comes your way.

You are full of the energy of the universe.  You got this!

Love and light,


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