From Facebook:

Patti S – “Excellent. I had two sessions with Caitlyn already. What great experiences.. Reasonably priced, too. The sessions are helping me heal and relax and get my grounding back. In addition, the oil blends help too. So if anyone needs a Reiki session for themselves, family member or pets, just contact Caitlyn. She sure can help. Thanks again. And soon will be another session.”

David M – “My first reiki experience. It was wonderful. Calming, contemplative and my worries dissipated. Use my custom oil blend every time I know I will be put in a stressful situation. It always works.”

Angela C – “I was amazed that you could put together a blend for symptoms related to Spina Bifida…and it smells awesome! Thank you so much!”

Jessica A – “This was an amazing experience! I was a tad skeptical but was total changed at the end of the session. If you are stressed or need some relaxation, give it a try!!”


From Thumbtack:

Joanna K – “She is delightful, loving, caring, compassionate, and good at what she does!! I highly recommend her!! She is truly gifted and beautiful! she brings her table to your home so you dont have to worry about anything, and she spends time getting to know you and sends healing energy toward you. I loved my session with Caitlin!!”

Sandy E – “Very happy with Caitlyn! She seems genuinely caring and has an interest in your personal healing process. We will be calling for another follow up appointment.”

Melanie S – “Caitlyn was very professional and insightful. She made me feel comfortable while also providing me really great feedback. She gave me excellent resources to look into after our session. I would DEFINITELY recommend her to a friend.”

Debra G – “Caitlyn is patient, friendly and warm. Sessions feel personalized especially since she explains her approach and then discusses you experience, (as well as what she experienced), during the session. Caitlyn has a welcoming and calming presence. I would recommend her to a friend.”

Alaetra S – “Caitlyn is amazing. She is great at Reiki, her oil blends are the best I’ve ever found. She is sweet and understanding and just over all incredibly helpful. Five stars is not enough!”