What does Mercury Retrograde Mean for You?

When everything is going wrong, we often hear people brush it off, saying it’s just because Mercury is in retrograde. But what does that mean? Should we hibernate every time Mercury goes into retrograde? Or is there more to the story?

In my lineage, there is no good or bad, everything just is. The universe isn’t out to get you. We are just experiencing things that are, and using our lenses of interpretation to decide whether they are good or bad and then go from there. In reality, our life consists of events that are pleasant and unpleasant. We need both to truly appreciate life.

What is Mercury Retrograde?

Scientifically, retrograde means that it looks like Mercury is moving backwards. It isn’t, of course, but from our vantage point on Earth, it appears that way. Since Earth’s orbit pattern isn’t identical to any of the other planets, all the planets go into retrograde at one point or another. So why do we panic when Mercury is in retrograde?

Everything is Going Wrong!

Communication, technology, and travel seem to be most impacted by Mercury retrograde. Have you ever had a miscommunication with someone that just spiraled out of control? Your computer and phone stop working at the same time? Stuck in the worst traffic jam of your life? Those things just seem to happen more often during retrograde. And heaven help us if there’s a full moon during retrograde!

Is Mercury Retrograde Real?

I’m personally conflicted on the effects of Mercury retrograde. Confirmation bias and superstition play a huge roll in how we perceive things. If we are expecting communication issues and for things to generally go very wrong, that is what we will see. And if we are focused on each thing that goes wrong, we will miss all that goes right.

On the other hand, I’ve personally felt the chaotic and heavy energy that accompanies this shift. Sometimes, I know it’s coming because I’ve kept an eye on the calendar. Other times, I notice the confusion first, and then check on what’s happening astrologically.

What’s the Upside to Mercury Retrograde?

If you know your technology tends to go wonky during retrograde, you can always go off the grid. It’s the perfect excuse to schedule a social media break. Taking time away from social media can also help with communication issues. It’s also good for refreshing in general.

With a highlight on communication, it’s also a great time to tune in to yourself. Have you been listening to yourself? Could you know yourself a little better? Instead of getting upset over each miscommunication, see if you can find better ways to communicate. Better yet, do some research on communication styles. It can be helpful to truly understand your own communication style as well as the preferred styles of your friends and loved ones. Fewer miscommunications going forward!

Since it isn’t advisable to make big decisions during Mercury retrograde, this is a perfect time to gather information and analyze situations. By the time the stars are ready for your decision, you’ll be much clearer on what’s best.

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